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Entire gamut of things to make your tour memorable

Make your trip more interesting and adventurous

It is rightly said that we don't remember days, but our minds imprint moments. Spend your precious moment’s enjoying, relaxing and unwinding in our verdant campus with peaceful scenic and indulge in some fun activities like cricket, kite flying, cycling, badminton etc. For relaxing your mind you can also go for long walks in the property, or go for excursions nearby!

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Walking Safari

To experience each and everything of Satpura'a wilderness areas, there is no better way to do so than on foot. Allowing you to notice the smallest to the smallest detail, which is often missed when we travel on a vehicle. The Walking Safaries of goalfview is a magical way to experience the bush. Experience the most majestic way to see nature on foot!

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Bird Watching

The great experience to behold for life. Just wake up early here to be greeted by numerous beautiful birds around. Expert birder will take you for birding. Keep silence and ear/eyes open as your might miss a call from here majestic creatures. Golf View is nestled within pristine wilderness where you can observe all these wonderful birds at their natural habitat.

Spotting is sorted as your are in good company of our birder. This is a great family activity and perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of these beautiful and diverse creatures. Observe the stunning bird diversity of the highland ecosystems of Pachmarhi. Unlock the secrets of bird migration followed by interactive session with our naturalist.

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Best Economic hotel in pachmarhi
Best Economic hotel in pachmarhi

Jungle Trek

Some say Outdoors bring family together. And with our jungle trek you cant go wrong. Put your best trekking shoes on and keep your camera handy because jungle is always filled with unexpected adventures.

Start Trekking with our expert naturalist will bring you to this very highland as close as you can. Jungles of Pachmarhi have some great variety of flora and fauna which also responsible for Pachmarhi being recognised as a UNESCO biosphere in 2009. The only Non-use conserved Biosphere Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

Trek down the great Sal jungle brings you very close to Flora of medicinal importance and if your are lucky enough you might spot Wild Boar or Giant Squirrel on the Trek. With 19 identified treks by forest department pachmarhi is also a trekker's paradise having amazing peaks which are popular among trekkers, hikers and walkers.

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Night Drive

Night is the time when forest becomes alive in a different way. Ever thought of visiting the forest area in pitch dark night. This activity is for the Thrill seeker in you. Our guide will take along the some routes less traveled for the night drive.

Hold your ears high and eyes wide open for the predators. You might spot a bear in the bushes or if lucky than dominating Tigers of the valley. A great family & Fun activity in safe hands of our experts.

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Star Gazing

You have to see it to believe it. Got for a night patrol that ends at Star Gazing spot. Our in-house experts with all the necessary equipments for aid will be very handy to your travel beyond skies to another universe.

See whats in those moon craters, amazing sparkling stars, Rings of Saturn, great constellations and out of the world activities happening in Nebulae just a few to name in this lightyear travel. Experience Deep Sky Observation, Lunar Observation, Planetary Observation, Learn Basics of Astronomy and Telescope Handling and Interactive session with WH Golf View Experts on Star Gazing.

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Horticulture Farm Walk / Fruit & Spice Garden

Walk amidst the fruit bearing trees, pluck mangoes, litchis, mudaaple or chikoo etc. and also coffee, black pepper, Tejpatta, Sindoor plant among other spices found here. Its a great way to have a light day with your family walking around woods. In the season you can have fresh from tree fruit here.

At the horticulture farm one can have the first hand experience of grafting. The technique horticulturists use to grow trees. This huge farm have 42+ varieties of mangoes as the main plantation other than litchis, mudapple, pear, multiple spices, etc.

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Best Economic hotel in pachmarhi
Best Economic hotel in pachmarhi

Silk Walk - Sericulture Farm Walk

It’s true to call Indian '' Incredible'' being the only place in India where all four types Silk Worm in produced. This walk will leave you amazed to see the complete life cycle of Silk, from a parent to egg to pupa to worm to cocoon to thread to final silk cloth to final silk wearables. Know all about how a little thing can be so precious.

Get ready to surprise yourself by knowing how silk is produced along with some amazing facts and great silk shopping.